Course registration


The education system of the International B.Sc. Program, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University (SIM) comprises of two semesters in an academic year. Registration procedure shall be in accordance with the Mahidol University’s stipulation for each semester, and requires approval of an academic advisor in accordance with the stipulations of the curriculum. 

    • To register in a regular semester, the students shall register for no less than 9 credits, but not exceeding 22 credits. In the case where it is neccessary for a students to register for an exceed credit or less than 9 credits, Mahidol Univesity’s approval is required.
    • The maximum number of credits students may take in the summer session is 9 credits. The schedule of lecture classes is very intensive. Please consider to register the courses in summer sesion carefully.
    • During a regular semester, late registration is allowed within 2 weeks after the deadline set by the Mahidol University. If you fail to register by the deadline, you must submit a request for course registration at the SIM office. (Read more…)
    • Registration is complete only when tuition fees have been paid. Failure to pay your tuition fees according to the Mahidol University calendar will result in cancellation of your enrollment/ dismissal.


  • Course registration: 15 – 29 Jul 2024
  • Course registration payment: 15- 29 Jul 2024

DROP/ADD: 5 – 19 Aug 2024

WITHDRAW: 20 Aug – 25 Nov 2024


We expects all students to finalize their course registrations in accordance with university deadlines. In extreme circumstances, a late registration request (miss to register the courses on the assigned day) can be submitted, but the approval by student’s academic advisor, Director of the program, Head of department, and Deputy dean for education and student affairs are required.


  • Complete the General Request Form 
  • Require signatures fom your academic advisor, Director of the program, and Head of department
  • Submit the completed form and a photocopy of student ID card to the International Education and Administration Unit (SIM office), Facutly of Science, Mahidol University, Salaya Campus via either person or e-mail (
  • Wait for consideration and approval by Faculty and Mahidol University, respectively



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