Preparatory Program


The SIM Preparatory Program is a recommended program for those admitted students who are interested in improving their soft and hard skills, and English language skills before beginning their university classes. The preparatory course aim is therefore, to equip the students with these key skills that would prepare them for successful engagement in the SIM undergraduate degree in science education. The courses of the SIM Preparatory program are on-campus format and non-credit, but demand regular attendance. 


  • Course I: English Proficiency Tutorials (64 hours)
  • Course II: Math-Science & Soft Skills Tutorials (64 hours)

Application form:

       Due date for application submission: 30 June 2023 

Course fee:

  • 6,000THB for each course
  • Students can choose either one of them or both.
Course I (6,000THB)* Course II (6,000THB)*
Content  1) Orientation & course overview (3 hours)

 2) English proficiency tutorials (54 hours)

 3) Summary session (4 hours)

 1) Orientation & course overview (3 hours)

 2) Mathematics & sciences (45 hours)

 3) Soft skills (9 hours)

 4) Summary session (4 hours)

Application deadline  18- 30 June 2023  18-30 June 2023
Study duration/ time  Mon 3 – Thu 27 July 2023/ 09.00-12.00h (except session#21)  Mon 3 – Thu 27 July 2023/ 13.00-16.00้h (except session#1, #21)
Course fee  6,000THB  6,000THB

            *Non-refundable fee of the SIM Preparatory Course cannot be deducted as part of the tuition and fee deductions.



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