Student request forms

  • Download and complete a required form, and gather all your supporting document (if needed).
  • Submit a completed request form along with supporting document by uploading them into the “Request Submission Portal” (right panel)
  • A submitted request form will be reviewed on a case by case basis. It will be further sent to the advisor, Program Chair, Department Head and Deputy Dean for Education and Student Development, and Dean of Faculty of Science for approval, respectivel
  • After submission, a request number will be provided to students for tracking the request process and result of consideration of submitted request.

Remark: All requests are required to enclose a copy of student ID card or citizen ID card (for Thai students) or passport (for non-Thai students)



    Your major*

    Please specify your major if you are non-SC student.

    If you receive an error message while uploading a PDF,  your file size may be too big. Please reduce its size; however, if you are still unable to upload the PDF, please fill out the form and send it via e-mail,
    Mahidol University One-Stop Services 

    One-Stop Student Service is facility for the current student and alumni of the Mahidol University. It serves students and alumni who need assistance with academic records, student ID card, request academic transcripts and other related academic documents.