Bioresources and Environmental Biology



Bioresources and Environmental Biology

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Bioresources and Environmental Biology (BE) is part of Faculty of Science International B.Sc. Program at Mahidol University (SIM). The BE program is the first and only undergraduate program in Thailand that students could obtain dual Thai-U.S. Bachelor’s degrees from Mahidol University and the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) at Syracuse, New York, USA. The BE program integrates various fields of biological sciences such as cell and molecular biology, genetics, plant and animal physiology, ecology, environmental biology, and evolution along with industrial microbiology, renewable energy, environmental management, and bioethics. The program aims to develop and promote skills and capacities for challenges in the 21st century as well as building collaborative academic and research activities internationally.

Study Plan

Mahidol University (A)

3.5 years at Mahidol University
B.Sc. in Bioresources and Environmental Biology







Dual Degree Program Study Plans and Opportunities
B1) 3 years at Mahidol University + 1 year at SUNY for B.Sc. in Bioresources and Environmental Biology (MU) and B.Sc. in Environmental Biology (SUNY)

B2) 2 years at Mahidol + 2 years at SUNY for B.Sc. in Bioresources and Environmental Biology (MU) and B.Sc. in Environmental Biology, Environmental Science, Biotechnology, or Environmental Health (SUNY)





Admission Requirement

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Curriculum and Activities

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Study Tracks

At Mahidol University and The State University of New York (SUNY), USA ...CLICK... Bioresources and Environmental Biology (Mahidol)

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B.Sc. in Environmental Health (SUNY) View More...


B.Sc. in Biotechnology (SUNY) View More...

B.Sc. in Environmental Biology (SUNY)

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B.Sc. in Environmental Science (SUNY)

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B-E-S-T Research

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Post-graduation and Career Paths

What are waiting for you after graduation? Medical School? Research Institute? Private Industry? Entrepreneur?

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Professional License

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Exchange Opportunities

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Curriculum Detail(TQF2)

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