Quota Admission


Faculty of Science, Mahidol University offers a special program for outstanding high school students studying in the MUSC School Network, and other International, Bilingual, and English Program schools in Thailand. Students can apply through the second round of TCAS, and the second round of direct admission to admit to our SIM programs.
The minimum criteria for student’s chance of being admitted to the SIM programs are as follows:

  • Studying in the final term of a Mathyom Suksa 6 (M. 6) in Science and Mathematics program of the Thai Basic Education Core Curriculum, or, graduated from/or studying in the final year of a foreign high school education in science and mathematics program or equivalent programs accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education at either the MUSC School Network or other International, Bilingual and English Program schools
  • Having a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 for Biomedical Science program, and 2.70 for Bioresources and Environmental Biology, Materials Science and Nano Engineering, and Bioinnovation programs.
  • Passing interview in English
  • Satisfying a letter of intent


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